Why Choose Us

Cardhulao is a unique mechanized car cleaning concept, a first-of-its-kind, which serves the purpose of the fast paced society we live in, where people want their cars cleaned in the shortest possible time by a professional. Cardhulao promises to make the car clean and happy in just 20 minutes.

We saw that locals who are washing the cars on a daily basis are not serious enough, and not doing justice to work. Though the customers pay them, this unorganised sector has its own problems like unplanned leaves and no quality benchmark. People are tremendously unhappy with the lack of professionalism with local car washers. In mid of 2018, We did an initial survey and found out that 73% car owners were not happy with their daily car cleaning. Looking at the business opportunity, We started a daily professional car wash service- Cardhulao.com.

As the name suggest CARDHULAO.COM.We are giving permanent CARWASH solution to the customers on their doorstep on daily and alternate basis. We are giving daily washing to their cars and also providing monthly a SUPERWASH so that their cars are maintained properly for the entire life till they run.

Cardhulao is a brand which is literally going to change the way people think about car cleaning. It's all about a wonderful car cleaning experience, while enhancing your driving experience. Its a unique cleaning process where cars are cleaned in just 20 minutes. The Indian automotive industry is at a take-off stage and is poised for an explosive growth in the next ten years. Today, the Indian car market is growing at the pace of more than 10%. Growth in real disposable income, easy availability of finance at competitive rates, changing mindsets with greater exposure to international lifestyle and reduced car ownership cycle, would continue to drive the growth of the car population in India. With 32 million cars on the Indian roads today, the marketplace is massive, under serviced and inexhaustible. As more and more people are becoming ’time poor’,and look forward for more convenient professional services, that's where the need arises for a professional company to take over and give them the Finest Car Cleaning Experience & Satisfaction

Why Our Customers Love Us

Car owners in India today primarily have two options for washing:-

Authorized Service and Washing Centers of Car Manufacturers

They have large infrastructure, in terms of real estate, staff, overheads etc., and they pass on their higher costs to their customers, who have to settle for heavily overpriced services.

Independent Garages & Roadside Garages

While the roadside garages offer cheaper services, they are highly unorganized, usually with labor that is not adequately trained on the ever-increasing and technologically advanced brands and make of cars today.

In both the cases the problem of shoddily done jobs, lack of professionalism, lack of transparency in operations is aplenty. Long wait periods to get an appointment and to get the job done at the authorized service centers are also very common. Simply - “Customers Want An Alternative …….. We Provide It”

Each and every vehicle that is cleaned by us is treated with utmost respect and care through all of our service offerings. Cardhulao is a tribute to the cleaning industry and is set to redefine the car wash business with customer satisfaction as its number one goal.

Why Anybody Who Has a Car, Need “Cardhulao”

    • Location Freedom: Car wash service at your doorstep
    • Professional Car Cleaning: Trained operators
    • Time Saving: Just in 20 minute
    • Touch-Less Cleaning: Scratch proof cleaning
    • Commitment To Environment: Eco friendly chemicals for cars
    • Liquid Wax (Euro Standard): Maximum long lasting shine
    • No Physical Rubbing Or Wiping On Car Body: Scratch proof cleaning
    • Well Defined Process: Ensuring quality
    • Customer Lounges With Excellent Ambience: Ensuring customer comfort

Conserve Water

Water is the most precious gift to the humanity by the nature. Life on the earth is possible only because of water. Three-fourth surface of the earth is covered by the water even after people are suffering from water scarcity in many regions of the India and other countries. Difficulties faced by the people in various regions because of water scarcity teach us to conserve and save water in order to protect the water environment, save life and save world.

Water Efficiency

According to the Alliance for Water Efficiency, the average home laundry machine can use up to 45 gallons of water per load. One bucket of water is consumed for normal carwash on daily basis. One bucket holds an average of 10litre. That means we are consuming 300litre water on a single car monthly. We are washing 2 cars with 1litre of water. That means we are saving 285litre of water in a month on single car.